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Organizations That I Support

MD Anderson Cancer Center is routinely rated as the top cancer hospital in America.  In 2018, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer and was given a grim prognosis.  A physician friend, and Leukemia survivor, encouraged me to get another opinion at MD Anderson.  After four months of Chemotherapy, one week of SBRT Radiation, followed by Whipple surgery, I am proud to say that I am cancer free. 

Pilots for Christ is a charitable organization that provides flights for patients needing critical care that cannot afford air transportation and are physically unable to travel by other means.  One of the major difficulties in cancer care is transportation to hospitals that offer the best care.  As many cancer patients must take a leave from their job, the financial stress of cancer care only adds to great stress these patients already feel.  After my cancer diagnosis, when Covid hit, I was advised by my doctors not to fly commercial airlines.  Pilots for Christ stepped up and flew me to all of my appointments in Houston at no cost.  As I am now cancer free, I still fly with them, but only if they are taking other passengers. 

As a witness for Jesus Christ, Victory Health Partners exists to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the medically under-served by providing affordable, quality health care services. We recognize that God is the True Healer and the source of all. We seek to know Jesus Christ, His Son, and to make Him known.  Victory Health Partners is a 501(c)(3) non profit healthcare organization established under the laws of the State of Alabama to provide a continuum of affordable quality care for the low income uninsured population of the greater Mobile area.  Victory does not accept insurance or any government funding, but instead is funded by tax deductible contributions from supporters. As stated in the name Victory Health Partners, Victory is truly a community partnership of people from diverse backgrounds banding together in friendship and love to provide healthcare to fellow citizens of this great community.